Do you want to run a holistic business but don't know where to start?

Feeling a calling to contribute to the world is not all unicorns and rainbows, I know. It's hard enough to figure out what it is that you are meant to be doing but turning it into the focus of a profitable business can be even harder.

My holistic business sessions are the perfect blend of heart, soul and brain: the ideal mix to bring you all the clarity and structure you need to create a truly aligned business.

All the experience, guidance and support you've been looking for

Practical spirituality

Ground your wisdom and higher calling into reality with my practical approach to spirituality which will help you integrate everything you've learnt into your day-to-day life.

Strategic mentoring

Confidently build a strong and ethical heart-centred business tapping into my mentoring experience as well as direct learnings from running my own successful holistic practice.

loving support

Being a soulpreneur can be a lonely journey at times. I will give you honest and constructive feedback but I'll also be your biggest cheerleader.

You are not alone. 

Here is the thing: there are some amazing healers, intuitives and therapists out there. However, the sad truth is that most of them don't run their practices as a business but as a hobby or side hussle. Why? Because they lack the confidence, structure and focus to turn their passion into profit.

Look, if you want to do your work in the world, earn a little extra cash and carry on with your day job or other responsibilies that's completely OK! You don't need to be a big shot entrepreneur or a #bossbabe. BUT... if you've been wanting to upgrade your practice to a professional level, then you are in the right place.

I bring together the best energetically aligned, heart-centred guidance and modern, effective business mentoring so that you can create the business your soul (and your wallet) desires.

Let's get started

your holistic business coaching sessions

Modern, result-oriented coaching with a soul. Welcome focus, confidence and alignment in your business.

Clarity & focus

practical spirituality to help you manifest your calling

So many ideas, so many courses, so much inspiration... but what should you focus on? Being spiritual doesn't have to be synonymous with being away with the fairies. 

Let's ground all that wonderful Crown and Brow energy into some practical steps turning your ideas into clear concepts and editing out distractions.

Structure & routines

Strategic mentoring to get you working smarter, not harder

If you are used to be in the flow of your intuitive work, it might be difficult to find a structured way of working that is productive and inspiring at the same time. Or perhaps you are a productivity machine, but don't know how to find the right balance between acing your to do list and spiritual practice. 

I'll teach you how to create the ideal structure and routines to build your business and serve your clients without sacrificing your wellbeing. 

Confidence & resilience

All the support and encouragement you need

As intuitives and healers we are often focused on learning new techniques or expanding our spiritual development. However, when it comes to putting our skills to work with others, we might feel stuck or lack the confidence to take the leap.

We'll work together to address questions, concerns and blocks that might come up when working with others so that you can finally be confident about sharing your gifts in the world.

These sessions are specifically designed to:

  • Support intuitives, mediums, tarot/oracle readers, angel communicators, psychics, channellers, healers, therapists and coaches in becoming heart-centred business owners
  • Help you develop an idea into a business that serves a clear niche with a well thought-out offering 
  • Hold your hand in creating a strong, individual brand that resonates with your purpose... not just another purple website with stock images
  • Work closely with you to make your business sustainable in the long term, not just as a hobby or side project 
  • Boost your confidence and recalibrate your mindset so that being a business owner becomes a part of how you see yourself 

As a result of the sessions you will:

  • Build from scratch or substantially redesign your business
  • Create a solid, professional infrastructure that will allow your business to grow
  • Let go of old habits and processes that slow you down
  • Align your professional life with your desires and values
  • Create a business you are madly in love with

My Holistic Business Coaching isn't:

  • A standard pre-packaged programme. All sessions are created for you and your business
  • A get-rich-quick scheme. Focus, dedication and resiliance are required to turn your business into a successful venture
  • A vanity exercise. I know it's trendy to have a coach, but I'm here to do the work not look good on your social media
  • A business in a box. You'll need additional elements such as a website to bring your business to life
  • A substitute for professional training. You should already have the relevant certifications before beginning working with me

Here is what you get:

  • Eight x 60 minutes sessions of fully personalised holistic business coaching
  • Access to my black book of contacts, resources and tools relevant to your specific project or issue
  • Written coaching session reports after each meeting including detailed action plans


Three additons to the core sessions to make your experience even more soulful 

BONUS 1 | Energy Self-Care Bundle

The Energy Healing Self-Care Bundle includes all the knowledge, tools, tips & tricks you need to finally master your energy.

BONUS 2 | Affirmations for biz owners

My brand new Affirmations for Business Owners which you can listen to any time you need to refocus your mindset and energy.

BONUS 3 | Email and WhatsApp access

I'm here for you. Keep in touch to let me know how you're getting on, if you have any questions or would like additional support in between sessions.


satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't love your Holistic Business Coaching sessions, you can get a full refund anytime within 48 hours after your first appointment. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll give you a swift refund.

Holistic Business Coaching

Investment | £1,497

A little more about me...

I’m a spiritual mentor, coach and healer. I started reading tarot when I was very young and over the course of the past two decades I've hosted 1,000s of client sessions between readings, healing and coaching, as well as participating to large events (for clients such as Top Shop), corporate parties (for brands like Swarovski), and teaching at the School of Intuition & Healing. And yes, I've worked with the odd celebrity too!

I am also a communication expert and business strategist. I come from a solid corporate background working for some of the biggest international comms agencies. In this capacity, I've been coaching and mentoring businesses and startups for well over a decade.

Does it sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet?

Well... I am very proud of what I've achieved but the reason I'm listing my wins is to show you that what I have to offer is direct, real life experience which I've gained running The Spiritual Flamingo and supporting my clients in creating their dream businesses.

In summary...

⇢ 15 years of international business, marketing and PR experience working with some of the best people in the industry

⇢ Extensive background in team management, coaching and mentoring

⇢ Founder and owner of The Spiritual Flamingo (since 2015)

⇢ 1,000s of client sessions

⇢ Committed to creating a more ethical, empowered and engaged holistic business sector

Lily Ackerman

Director, Ackerman Studios

Sole has singlehandedly done more for the development of my business and my personal self development that any other. Her insight, intuition, practicality and determination have steered my business and my personal development through a time of immense change leading to incredibly positive results.

Always on hand with the right questions Sole quickly understands the crux of an issue and comes armed with solutions to solve them. She is someone who understands the challenges of a start up business and balances this with an emotional intelligence second to none.


Well, it depends! Let's find out

Yes! If you...

  •  Know you need to make a change but don't know where to begin
  • Have lost your spark and running your business feels blah
  • Are tired of implementing yet another "miraculous" system that makes zero difference to your business
  • Want to learn from a real person, who has a real business and makes real money out of it... not some fictional internet guru
  • Want to keep your integrity while also scaling your business

No, if you...

  • Don't want to consistently take action every day to see a profound shift 
  • Are looking for a quick fix to all your problems, a magic wand or fairy dust 
  • Are not willing to dig deep to find out what has been holding you back
  • Are not ready to take full responsibility for yourself and your business
  • Think spirituality is too woo woo for you and a bunch of intangible nonsense

Holistic Business Coaching

Investment | £1,497

I recently had a session with Sole focusing on my business. I'm so pleased I did, she gave me spiritual tools to work with as well as practical business advice and strategies.

I've been looking for someone for a long time to help point me in the right direction. With Sole's corporate background in top companies she couldn't have come along at a better time!

I shall certainly be booking more sessions. She's so easy to talk to, unravel the issues and find the right path to get everything back on track.

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

Creator & Director

Mumanu Ltd

There are not enough words for me to say how amazing Sole is as a coach for your business! She is worth every penny. I came to her with an idea to help others through a podcast and knew I wanted to turn this into my 9 to 5 one day but literally had no idea how or what! She supported me to nurture my idea into an actual business which is now up and running.

I believe it was her coaching that pushed and challenged me to move out of my comfort zone. Because of her guidance  my business  had such a professional image from the moment it kicked off. She gives more than 100% to her clients every day of the week. She gives you honest and constructive feedback but is also your biggest cheerleader. She will help you out of the I am not good enough rabbit hole we can fall into when starting something new.

Thank you so much Sole for being such a pleasure to work with and helping me to make my passion and dream a reality. You are like my business fairy godmother!

If you put in the hard work and follow her guidance it is amazing what you can achieve in a short time with her.

Manpreet Johal

Intergenerational Trauma Coach & Podcaster

Heart's Happiness

I've had the most wonderful experiences with Sole.

Sole is a wonderful business guide and coach. She is highly professional, super on the ball and works in a way that pulls together guidance with grounded practical actions and steps. She is someone you can always rely on for great advice and direction.

Thank you Sole for your heart, soul and awesomeness.

Dr Jayanie Kodituwakku


Expansive Innovation

I came to Sole since I needed help with expanding and diversifying my business. She was incredibly helpful - both in giving me food for thought with larger ideas and also, despite not knowing my exact field, she was able to give great practical suggestions too.

I am really excited for the future and am grateful to Sole for her sage advice. She also has a way of being both kind and gentle, and also getting down to the root of the issue.

I would highly recommend her!

Anna Searight

Vocalist and recording artist

I would highly recommend Sole as a business mentor and coach. She offers an excellent holistic, person-centred approach to working with her clients.

Five stars!

Brendaley Cadette

Serial inventor and entrepreneur

Sole has singlehandedly done more for the development of my business and my personal self development that any other. Her insight, intuition, practicality and determination have steered my business and my personal development through a time of immense change leading to incredibly positive results.

Always on hand with the right questions Sole quickly understands the crux of an issue and comes armed with solutions to solve them. She is someone who understands the challenges of a start up business and balances this with an emotional intelligence second to none.

Lily Ackerman


Ackerman Studios