I’m all about practical, modern spirituality grounded in ancient principles


What I do

I base my work on radical authenticity, the process of figuring out what truly matters, and aligning our lives to it. Which translates into getting rid of all nonsense, compromises and half-baked decisions in favour of clarity and balance. Most of the people I work with are going through a time of profound change. This ranges from terrible heartbreak or loss, to career change and sabbaticals, to pure spiritual awakenings.

I believe we all have the ability to access our inner guidance system, a GPS of the soul, that wise voice that knows what’s best for us. Only, it’s a bit tricky to do so without knowing the basics of how it all works and if we are knee deep in a personal crisis.

So that’s what I do.
I hold a safe space for my clients to gain clarity, surrender and heal. I do this by mixing modern, practical techniques with ancient mystical tools: intuitive coaching, energy healing and spiritual readings. My perfect concoction for modern spirituality.
About me
It’s probably a good time to introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Sole.

I am a spiritual healer and intuitive coach. I’ve always been open to all things magical and mystical, but for many years I struggled to see how this part of me could fit in with the rest of my life. So I decided to explore spirituality in a more structured way by studying energy healing. Since then I’ve gone a bit course crazy and learned a lot of techniques from Reiki to crystal healing. At the same time I consolidated my knowledge of things that have always been part of my practice areas such as tarot.

Fast forward to today, I now use all the good stuff I’ve explored along the way mixed in my very own modern approach to practical spirituality. My straight to the point approach makes spirituality accessible to even the most left-brained people, and grounds those who have a tendency to go away with the fairies.

Take a look here for more info on what it is like to work with me. For collaborations and media enquiries click here.


Things I have under my belt…

  • 10 years of international business, marketing and PR experience working with, literarily, the best people in the sector
  • A decade’s worth of team management, coaching and mentoring
  • Two year British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA) accredited Certificate in Healing from the School of Intuition and Healing. Graduated with Distinction
  • Master practitioner level certification in Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage)
  • Practitioner level certification in Crystals and Crystal Healing (Philip Permutt The Crystal Healer)
  • A ton of additional energy healing training in areas such as ancestral healing, cord cutting, thought forms, space clearing, curses and contracts
  • 20+ years giving tarot and psychic readings. No joke, I started when I was 13. You do the maths
  • Plus an incredible amount of ongoing development as part of my spiritual and professional practice
  • Membership to The British Alliance Of Healing Associations

My Story

The beginning of my story is probably very similar to yours.

I spent a decade building a corporate career in marketing: big job title, even bigger salary, my own flat in central London, lots of travelling, glamorous parties, etc. I thought I had it all figured out, but the truth is that the lifestyle I was living left me very little time for myself, was physically demanding and psychologically draining.

And then the Universe came to the rescue. In a rather obscure way.
I fell in love with someone who turned out to be a complete asshole. A gigantic proportions one. Mind you, the clues were all there for me to see since the beginning but love really is blind. I went through the most horrific of breakups. A completely soul destroying experience. I hit rock bottom.

By the end of it, there was nothing left. I could barely function, I ran on autopilot. I would wake up, get ready, work 12+ hours a day, eat takeaway for dinner and fall asleep in complete desperation. The next day I would repeat exactly the same routine. I carried on like this for months.

Eventually, I realized that the only way to shift the situation was to commit to make some serious changes. No half measures. And that’s when I drew a blank.

I had no idea whatsoever of what would make me happy.
I admit that panic settled in for a while. What the heck? What was I supposed to do? Perhaps it simply was a “phase”, something that was best to ignore until it went away. Luckily, yes luckily, the extent of my despair was such that it couldn’t be ignored for much longer.

I resolved to audit my life. Every. Single. Element. Of. It. As this process unfolded, I rekindled my spirituality. I remembered how fulfilled it made me feel. On the most basic level, I understood the importance of wholeness. Once I got to this truth, I hung on to it with everything I had.

And that’s when my life started to turn around.
Tangible change started to happen: I curbed my addiction to working long hours, I moved to a new home… I felt more balanced. However, it became clear that no matter how much better my work life had became (and it did come a long way) it wasn’t enough for me to express my soul’s desires. I did want a tangible change, but resigning? That was a massive gamble. Yet, it was absolutely inevitable.

The gap between my inner truth and my external life was simply too big to bridge.
So I got organized, set some money aside, finished all the important projects and handed in my notice. All bets were off.

There was no way I was going to jump straight into another job, so I took eight months off, I called it my “soul sabbatical”. This time to re-assess what happiness meant to me was not only a desire, but a need. It gave me the precious opportunity to follow my curiosity, learn new things, retrain and completely change my life.

Since then I have made the ethical choice to be a soulpreneur turning my passion for spirituality into a business. At this point you might expect me to say that my life is perfect. It isn’t. Happiness isn’t a one-off job, it takes ongoing work.

I am aligned with my truth.
And this, in book, it’s a pretty big win.

What’s with the flamingo?

I love the quirkiness of flamingos. They are a bit awkward and look incredibly unique.
On a deeper level, the symbolism of flamingos is particularly interesting:

  • Flamingos are very sociable creatures: they live, feed and migrate in large flocks. However, they maintain individuality within the group. A great reminder of how to follow our purpose within the community we live in
  • A flamingo's beak has a filter like structure to remove food from the water before the liquid is expelled. Such a good lesson on keeping only what serves us, and letting go of everything else
  • These birds are also known for their habit to stand on one leg (although no one has quite figured out yet why they do it…), a visual representation of the importance of balance

There you go, that’s why I like flamingos.