Ways of working with me
I mix ancient mystical tools with modern, no nonsense techniques


Sacred alignment + kickass grounded advice

If you are aching to align what lights you up with your external world you are in the right place.
I’ve created this approach for you.

So, how does it all work?

Step 1 | Clarity
Awareness, clear judgment and connection with inner truth. This is the ultimate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual declutter.
Get crystal clear about what matters to you.

Step 2 | Balance
Surrendering, releasing and healing. Inner realignment i.e. the deepest self-care you can show yourself.
Feel completely centred in yourself.

Step 3 | Authenticity
Making, creating and building. An explosion of authenticity in the outer world. This is where magic becomes reality, big dreams turn into big successes and ultimate alignment is achieved.
Live your truth.
What's the deal

I promise I will:
  • Show up for you. Every time. I’ll listen, advice, support and encourage you
  • Be your strongest critic but also your greatest fan
  • Be patient, but determined to see your progress unfold
  • See all your potential and help you see it too
  • Share everything I’ve learned, experienced and studied to help you move forward

From you I expect:
  • Complete commitment
  • The enthusiasm to change
  • Hard work
  • Honesty


No BS Policy

No abstract blah blah, only grounded, practical advice

No woo woo talk, but plenty of spiritually aligned content

Sincerity, honesty and, you guessed, authenticity

A good dose of directness but served up with plenty of compassion

Total confidentiality and absolutely, never, ever judgment. All my services are 100% LGBT friendly