Focus, truth and change
Grounded coaching with a dash of magic


How do you want to live your life?

Right now you probably feel confused, scared and stuck. I know this because I’ve been there. Four years ago I became the process of completely turning around my life and went from unsatisfied crazy busy career woman to well balanced happy soulpreneur. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, and so many times (so many!) I questioned whether I was going completely mad. But I’ve done it, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

Ready to:

  • Live a life of complete authenticity, inside and outside
  • Feel radically aligned with your inner and higher self
  • Be your best kickass version, an ethical, spiritual warrior
  • Get rid of all the nonsense, compromises and half-baked decisions
  • Be happy, fulfilled and successful - whatever that means to you
With my own first hand experience, practical coaching techniques and ancient mystical tools, I can be your guide in making dramatic change in your life too.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing. Find your own vibe.
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What archetype resonates with you?


The eternal misfit

Ok, that’s enough. Enough of living a life that isn’t yours, doing things you don’t like. On a good day it’s all a bit “blah”, on a bad one you wish you could run away. It might be quarter life crisis or chronic unhappiness disease, who knows. This is the situation:

  • Long hours at work. A job you hate. A boss you hate even more. A distant memory of wanting to be a photographer/yoga teacher/writer, not a project manager
  • A bad relationship or no relationship at all (dating makes you lose the will to live anyway)
  • No time or energies to pursue your passion. And generally speaking no time to see friends – go to the gym - read that book that has been sitting on your bedside table for ages... No time for anything really;
  • "No way out" syndrome. Inability to see a different way to live or how to change your present
  • Total loneliness and feeling of not fitting in anywhere. Literarily. No. Where. But, “hey, yes sure I’ll come to your engagement party/wedding/baby shower”
Come on darling, it’s time to move on. Time to move forward. No more compromises. Only inspired, truth filled shining life.


The restless visionary

I can see it from here. Your big, wild dream. I can see your ideas floating around your head, the urge to create, make, build. Here is where you are at:

  • A deep, tormenting feeling of being meant to do bigger and better things is you 24/7 companion, no matter how hard you try to push it away
  • No one understands you. Maybe only Steve Jobs or Oprah could, but let’s face it, they are hardly easy to reach
  • You have 1,251 notebooks full of project ideas, sketches and quotes
  • You are afraid you might just implode if you don’t tell someone how awesome things could be
  • Desperately in search of your tribe. They must be out there… somewhere, right?
You can, and should, be the one who stands out. The clever one, the mould-breaker, the visionary. You were born for this. Find a way to manifest your uniqueness. Time to make your greatness explode in the world.


The spiritual seeker

A (metaphorical) atomic bomb blasted in your life. You are strong, you’ve been working hard, and in fact you have been great so far. But your soul has been shaken, it needs a hand getting back on track. You are craving spiritual guidance, to help you see the bigger higher picture. This is how you feel:

  • You have been capsized, and although you found a way to remerge from the abyss, you don’t know how to charter a new course
  • Friends are great help, but what you need is something they can’t give you
  • Mandala drawing class, aerial yoga, meditation retreat? You are open to trying anything and everything to see if it helps
  • You don’t know what the future holds, but you are definitely not going to give up
  • You are not looking for a guru, but for someone who can shed a bit of light on your path
You are not alone. There is no need to go solo on this one. Surrender to the beauty of this crazy journey.


There is another way

Get your life to a point where you:
  • Do things your own way
  • Have a BS-free life that is simpler but full of meaning
  • Do good – give something back to support what really matters to you
  • Move forward, grow and improve yourself
  • See your soul’s desires reflected in the world around you

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