Energy healing
Heart centred energy healing to beautifully balance your vibes


Good vibes

Whether you are new to complementary therapies or a total fan, you’ll love these energy healing sessions. Firstly, they are not intrusive: no needles, no potions to drink, nothing. The most complex thing I might ask you to do is to hold a crystal. This means that you’ll ease yourself into each session without having to worry about side effects or getting something wrong.

There is so much beauty in the simplicity of how energy healing works, but the best part is how effective it is. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll feel more relaxed, and that’s a strong starting point considering how busy your life probably is. On a deeper level, energy healing can be a fantastic way of relieving pain, anxiety, stress, energy blockages but also to support emotional clearing and spiritual growth.

Check out the FAQs below, they’ll help you understand what to expect.

In person Reiki, energy healing or crystal healing + bonuses

Single session: £60
Block of 4 sessions: £220 (£55 each)
Block of 6 sessions: £300 (£50 each)

Each in person session is 60 minute long. Details of session dates and times will be confirmed by email once payment is received.


Distant healing + bonuses

I recommend distant healing to those who can’t physically move, live in another continent, or are always super busy. In a sense, this is my way of saying that you have no excuses for neglecting yourself. It’s amazing to take time out for an in person session, but if that’s not possible then this is a great option. Healing is sent by tuning into the energy of the client and is as effective as being in the same room. I know this might sound strange, so ping me a message if you have any questions.

Distant Reiki, energy healing or crystal healing (crystal grid or full body layout).

Single session: £25
Block of 4 sessions: £92 (£23 each)
Block of 6 sessions: £120 (£20 each)

Each distant session is 30 minute long. Details of session dates and times will be confirmed by email once payment is received.



After each session you will receive:
  • An aftercare advice sheet to continue taking care of your beloved chakras
  • Detailed list of crystals used during the healing and their positioning (if applicable)
  • For crystal healing, you are welcome to ask for a picture of you during the treatment. As some people find this a bit bizarre, this is something completely optional!
 “Know your vibe” an in-depth 20 page ebook packed with energy theory principles and practical exercises you can do in very little time from pretty much any location.


A few important points

  • As the name suggests, a complementary therapy session complements traditional medicine. You should seek qualified medical advice if you have any health concerns
  • On the same note, even if you feel absolutely awesome after your session please do not stop or alter the dose of any medication or any prescribed treatment without consulting the relevant medical practitioner
  • You won’t be asked to remove clothing with the exception of shoes and outerwear
  • Healing might take up to 24 hours to settle in

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is energy healing?
Energy healing is a term that covers a number of complementary therapies including Reiki and crystal healing. The healer channels energy through their hands or with the help of crystals to improve the client’s energy flow. Energy healing can be practiced hands-on, hands-off and distantly, where the client and healer are in different locations. All options are equally effective, so the choice is down to your personal preference.
2What is it for?
Energy healing works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to clear, balance, unblock and protect your energies. I worked with clients dealing with a wide range of issues from stress to physical pain, heartbreak, spiritual awakening, career change, bereavement… you name it and I’ve probably waved my hands over it! Having said that, I found that energy healing works particularly well for any subconscious emotional or spiritual block.
3What if my needs are more complex?
I’ve got you covered. Ask me about cord cutting, space clearing and ancestral healing.
4What happens during the session?
You don’t need to be spiritual, know where chakras are or even be awake during the session. We start with a brief chat to discuss what you are hoping to achieve then you simply hop on the healing table and relax. From this moment forward, the only thing you need to do is trust the process and have the sincere intention to get better. For distant healing sessions I recommend taking some time out your busy schedule to chill for 30 minutes at the agreed time. You could meditate, rest or simply have a cup of tea. This is however, completely optional, and the healing will reach you regardless to what you are doing when it is sent.
5What will I experience?
It is common to feel deeply relaxed (most of my clients fall asleep as soon as they lie down!), to experience a tingling sensation or perceive warmth. Some people feel energy waves going through their bodies, some others feel absolutely nothing. What you feel doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the session, so don’t worry about it.
6How many sessions will I need?
Most people see a difference in the way they feel after their first session, however I’d say that you’ll need at least four sessions for deeper shifts. I really wish I could give a more specific answer to this question, but every person and their needs are completely individual.
7How frequent should my sessions be?
Weekly or fortnightly sessions are effective for most people. Those who are going through a particularly difficult time might find it beneficial to see me more frequently. Either way, after the first couple of sessions you’ll know what’s right for you.
8What are the benefits?
Energy healing can help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relax
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase vitality
  • Relieve pain
  • Remove energy blockages and adjust the energy flow
  • Emotional clearing
  • Spiritual growth

Make sure you read my terms & conditions before booking a session.